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Poker is dead! Ep3 The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Hi all, for those of you, who are wondering whats up with the training challenge I want to let you know that its all good and next week there will be an update. There were a couple of obstacles the past couple of weeks, so I couldn't really do much anyways. Below you can find Poker is dead! Ep3  The Good The Bad and The Ugly, so sit back relax, grab a bottle of vodka and enjoy the short clip. I ...
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Training Challenge Week 5 Cold Shower Challenge

Hi all, we are about to start the 30 days cold shower challenge as of tomorrow 07.12.2016. You can do your own research for the health benefits of cold showers. Below you can find a lin of a lecture of Ted Talks that I strongly encourage you to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gb0h8ZKvJW4 If you want to participate in the 30 day challenge and help each other to do it you can find the link below https://www.facebook.com/m1ndCrtl/photos/a.864765856965965.1073741828.863740227068528/1053042384804977/?type=3&theater Also if you want to participate ...
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How to “manipulate” variance? LOLz

Lately people have asked me quite often how to deal with tilt issues and overcome those nasty periods where variance is a bitch. Those beautiful character building days where no matter what we do it’s like we are constantly pissing against the wind all over our brand-new jeans. This shitty feeling where before it even happened you already know that your AK will be cracked by his AJ yet again. Well, today I want to discuss a couple of simple ...
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Hi all! This week there will be no exercise video. I just want to give you a brief summary of last week. So in general the week was not that good as far as my productivity goes. My son turned 4, so I allowed myself a few beers which turned out to be e pretty big mistake. I have been developing this momentum for the past I would say 30 days and this is where I lost it all. To ...
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This week's article is actually going to be an interview I gave a couple of days ago for one of the biggest poker online schools. Here is the original interview http://www.bestpokercoaching.com/250672-2/ We are happy that Ivan – known as “m1ndCrtl” to the community of Bestpokercoaching – found time for a meet-up with us. He is very well known in our community, not just as a coach, but also as a previous student in our poker coaching program: He finished our 60.000 € ...
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About me

Hi, I am a professional poker player and a mindset coach. Started playing poker full time in 2014. Primarily playing HU cash games I soon came to realize that my biggest strength that separates me form most players is my mindset. Having been a business owner in the past, working with a life coach gave me the knowledge to breakthrough all the mental challenges in today’s games. I have held mindset sessions in one of the biggest poker coaching sites with group webinars of as high as 100 players. However, my biggest strength and passion is 1-1 coachings. The main result I want to achieve with my mindset coachings is to help as many players as possible to crush poker and life at the same time.